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1950 Wagon Front Clip Batavia, OH Make Offer

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Roger Martin shared this winning ad. Someone had some fun with this. Now, the seller is ready to let it go. The “price” suggests it is free, but the seller would like a buyer to make an offer.




“Yard. Art. 1950 Willy’s wagon front clip. Complete engine for parts. Mouse got into engine pissed on everything locked block. All other parts are good. Dashboard front hubs and suspension 4 4×4 wheels hard to find 3 speed on tree with overdrive. Come look see make offer. Hate to sell this stuff for scrap. Make me happy if someone could use it.”


5 Comments on “1950 Wagon Front Clip Batavia, OH Make Offer


    don’t make sense , the front clip is a 4wd april 1950 or later wagon or truck , the cut up frame is a 2wd wagon with flat 4 with r-10b overdrive ?

  2. CraigInPA

    The hood ornament is a fanciful, but not authentic, reproduction of the cormorant on the ’46-’47 Packards. I think you can still buy one from J.C.Whitney pretty inexpensively.

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