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Wagon Parts For Sale Mansfield, OH

• CATEGORIES: Parts, Willys Wagons

Kevin’s got a variety of parts for sale. Please call or text 419 564 8668 if u have questions..leave voicemail if no answer.

“1957 wagon frame with axles…500.00

226 super hurricane 12volt engine..does spin…150.00

Rebuilt t90 transmission…new out out shaft…125.00


Bare 226 block…not sure if cracked or good….75.00

Transfer case and bell housing that came off 226….100.00

2 226 super hurricane heads. Not sure if warped….100.00 each

Big oil bath cleaner…50.00”









2 Comments on “Wagon Parts For Sale Mansfield, OH

  1. Wim van Snippenberg

    I wonder if the Super Hurricane engine is still available,
    What is the condition of it? No cracks or visible damages.
    Is the engine complete with all the parts in it?

    I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

    With kind regards,
    Wim van Snippenberg

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