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1947 CJ-2A Dryden, NY $1000


No title and has rust.

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“Selling my Jeep CJ2A as I will not be able to restore it myself.

The Jeep is complete, it is a project, has rust in places but it’s
nothing someone with average mechanical skills and some welding
ability can not handle.

The Jeep is not running, I’ve owned it for 3 years and it has not run
while I’ve owned it. Last moved it two years ago and the motor and
transmission were free and turning at that time. Now the transmission
will not go in neutral and because of that the motor won’t turn.

Some rust on the floor boards, tool box bottom pretty much gone,
rot on the frame in front of the driver side rear axle.

Everything under the hood is there (no battery).

No title. Due to the age of the vehicle, a title can be obtained in NY
with the proper DMV documentation.”


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