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M-38A1/M-170 Parts Chester, MA $700


Seller wants to sell parts as a lot.

“I have a parts lot of M38a1 parts which also fit the M170 ambulance. The floor panels are new but a little dirty from sitting. What you see spread out in front of the camera is included. No, not the M416 tub or frame or new tires etc. Just the M38a1 parts. Lots of parts, some new, most old. dash boards, sheet metal parts, distributor, plugs etc. All one lot all one price. Not separating into individual parts. I can ship if you want to do all the arranging (Fastenal) and pay me up front, first. Not shipping other than that, so don’t ask.”

Lots of pics included in the ad; here’s a sample:

m38a1-parts-chester1 m38a1-parts-chester2 m38a1-parts-chester3 m38a1-parts-chester4


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