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Rare K&K Side Mower in Southern California **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** More pics. The mower can include the PTO equipment (or available separately).

This K&K Mower still has it’s data tag and is in good shape. You can learn more about these mowers here:

k-and-k-mower2 k-and-k-mower3



5 Comments on “Rare K&K Side Mower in Southern California **SOLD**

  1. Chris

    That’s so cool. I’m in central California and have property I can use this on. But what the hell is a fair price? I only have a fc170 and m38a1 currently

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I just don’t know. I felt given what it is and it’s condition that it would be worth at least $500.

    The first thing is to see if it is all there. That’s hard to tell from the pics.

    I’d contact Will and tell him what you are willing to pay and that you’d actually be using it and not just adding it for show. Maybe you two can work out a deal. I’m sure he’d rather have a local buyer than have to prepare it for shipping (if he is willing to do that at all … I never asked him).

    – Dave

  3. Will Medveal

    Hello Chris,

    This is located in Bakersfield, Ca so I’m likely not far from your Central California location. I am willing to tie it to a pallet and ship it as well. The mower and PTO units can be sold all together or separately. Email me with an offer or questions. willmedveal @ (remove spaces when emailing me of course). Thanks.

  4. Bob

    I don’t see the proper PTO unit for powering this mower. It’s a standard 18h PTO but with a three or four place pulley on it. In fact from the photos it’s pretty hard to decide what is here and what is not. These things were like 7 or 8 feet tall!

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