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Spen Trailer Brochure on ebay

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This brochure that Maury spotted highlights both the model “S” and the model “V”. The seller is accepting offers.

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spen-brocure1 spen-brocure2


8 Comments on “Spen Trailer Brochure on ebay

  1. Joe in Mesa

    The logo reminds me of the Army Rangers motto, “Rangers lead the way”… and of course the RANGER tab and Ranger unit insignia are both arched banners (a bit like this ad). Makes me wonder if Henry Spen was a veteran.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I just tried to find information on Henry Spen, but didn’t have any luck.

  3. Thomas Schilling Skrill

    Holy Cow, I was telling a friend to google Henry Spen Trailer to see my great grandfathers trailer (a duece and a half one I saw online rebuilt) and I can’t believe it! I only knew about a few things that he made that my father, Stewart Skrill, had told me about; the larger army trailers; the water buffalo trailers; and duece and one half trucks, but I didn’t know about these! My Grandfather Henry Skrill had married Rose Spen in Brooklyn NY, and began working for Henry Spen and then later took over the business. Henry Skrill made things at the Brooklyn Factory like bomb carrying dollies that are pulled by an airport tug to the bomber for loading, and more significantly the large yellow rectangular starting units for the F-16 Tomcat, which required a mobile jet engine to blow air into the turbines to start them on deck, this also moved about with a tug. My Father, Stewart Skrill, learned the same business from his father, and he chose to start a new business: “Stewart-Thomas Industries, Inc.” further out on long Island in Farmingdale and Babylon where he had a small @12man operation making all sorts of equiptment for the US Military on through 1988 when he and his wife Elizabeth sold their business, and their house in Nassau County, and bought a 280 acre farm in Vermont, where Stewart worked and was as dedicated in that as he was in supporting and raising his family, and in fighting the “Cold War” one part at a time at his factory on Long Island.
    My father Passed away just recently at 84, in 2017, and was always trying to make a difference in everthing he did, and with everyone he met, and whether they wanted it or not: and just as he did all along, right up to thd end. Henry lived until 2008, and died in Great Neck, NY, and I never knew my Great Grandfather Henry Spen. At the factories out on Long Island in the 70’s, we made things like Parachute Folding Tables, Signal Corps point to point signal lamp units in small metal boxes (I have never seen one outside from the factory),; Thousands and Thousands of the barrel changing handles that have the perforated shroud and hang below the MaDuce 50caliber Machine Gun; and special “locks purging” kits for Bombers, along with other things. In the later 70’s and 1980’s we made “Light All’s” for the Air Force, and the steps and battery boxes for the Duece and a Half Military Truck, which might not be very important, but as with every Individual who Serves in the Armed Forces, and other Services that keep Our Country and it’s Citzens Safe and Secure, so too does every Individual who labors in a blasting hot factory: shearing, bending, stamping, grinding, punching, riveting, drilling, lathing,, welding, painting, and packaging all the items that make the whole effort of “Defense” and “Support” possible, and “They too also Serve, who only stand and Wait” (–John Milton).
    I am truly glad to have found this website, and for the opportunity to tell a bit of my Fathers and Grandfathers Stories, and so that they will not be lost to time. Best Regards to All, To those who have Served, and to those who Serve in many ways!
    Most Truly, Thomas.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks so much for sharing your family story! Your point that the military is much more than just fighters is a good one; there’s a huge support role behind them, both inside the military and at home. If you’ve never read some of Ernie Pyle’s columns (some have been included in books), he does a great job of examining the behind-the-scenes aspects of WWII, interviewing and commenting all kinds of support staff.

    My great great grandfather built his estate just across the bay from Great Neck and just west of Sea Cliff. Doing my own family research led to several visits in the area over the last decade. The estate is now a lot of homes, but I was able to stay in a house that was formerly my great aunt’s studio, so that was neat 🙂

    Thanks again,

    – David Eilers

  5. Bill Oakes

    I contacted a gent named Brinster. His response in 97
    My dad ran Spen until they closed in the mid 70s. The buildings as well as any records parts etc are unfortunately long gone.

    Sorry I can’t be of more help, and good luck with the trailer.

  6. Ivan

    David, may I share the text of the letter from Thomas on the Henry Spen Facebook Group? Better yet would be that Thomas see this and look up the group, and comment there. Either way, I think that bit of history should be saved for posterity.

  7. David Eilers Post author


    I welcome the sharing of the info unless Thomas has some objection.

    – Dave

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