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Custom Jeep Bed Youngsville, NC No Price

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Tom spotted this unusual bed. It appears it can be ordered.

“Custom made Jeep bed Twin size All wood Just a few pieces we can do”

jeep-bed-nc1 jeep-bed-nc2


2 Comments on “Custom Jeep Bed Youngsville, NC No Price

  1. Allan J. Knepper

    How about a REAL Willys bed !! I have been parting out an old CJ2A that I bought for some PTO parts. I got a call about hood……16″ wheels/tires……cowl……bumper etc. I asked the guy what he was working on or building…….he said …….a bed !! The guy was a doctor who had built his two older sons custom beds……a WWII fighter plane…..a plexiglas canopy space ship. When he asked his youngest son if he wanted a special bed……he said ” yes, I want a Jeep”.

    I saw pictures of of the two previous beds and they were amazing. The customer was from near me in Wisconsin so I loaded up the parts in my truck and bought them back from Iowa. The doctor showed up in my driveway with a new black Tesla 4dr. He said he’d take everything I had…..I offered to haul everything to his house in my truck. He said, no, I can get it all in the back of my car……he opened the hatch…..folded down the rear seat……spread out an old blanket and loaded everything !!

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