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Email de-clogged


UPDATE: Tuesday night I finally resolved my email issue that plagued since Monday night, but I lost some emails in the process. If you sent an email on Monday night or Tuesday and didn’t received one in return, email again or email me at d @ (with no spaces around the @). Thanks!


4 Comments on “Email de-clogged

  1. Dan

    I feel so bad right now…
    I had $10,000 for you however it was part of a time sensitive email….;(

  2. Chuck

    Dave did you get my email about the widow of the WW2 officer who’s husband just recently passed away? Her kids are liquidating the estate and found a 1942 GP stored in a sea train behind the barn. The wife said he put it in there in 1946. Think they were asking 200 dollars. 😉

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