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1943 MB Hesperia, CA $4000


No description is provided.

1943-mb-hesperia-ca-1 1943-mb-hesperia-ca-2 1943-mb-hesperia-ca-3 1943-mb-hesperia-ca-4


6 Comments on “1943 MB Hesperia, CA $4000

  1. Andy

    Has the civilian rear axle and the front steering linkage doesn’t look right. Maybe 2a chassis?
    Civilian motor.
    tailgate cut in welded front frame….. looks nice but seems to be a mix of random parts also

    some rebuild tags on the dash look interesting

    Deserves a closer inspection to see if it’s actually a contracted rebuilt with a mix of parts. maybe just the rear axle is wrong

  2. Frank Nienaber

    It has a ford GPW body and I can’t tell for sure if the frame is but looks like it could be too.
    I would guess its a 1943 GPW with lots of post war “improvements”.

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