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The 2019 SouthWest Ohio FC Get-Together

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To the left is Roger Martin next to his 2A and on the right is his friend Don Ray, who just purchased that Mitsubishi 3B (he owns two others).

Roger filed this report with pics from his 2019 SouthWest Ohio FC Get-Together last weekend. Roger found himself very busy all weekend, so didn’t get as many photos of from Saturday as he’d hoped. 


One of the special events this year was a 60 mile ride in Craig Brockhaus’ tour jeep along the Little Miami River, then down through the gorge at Fort Ancient. Roger notes that it was supposed to be just a short drive to get some ice cream … that’s what happens when Craigs is at the wheel!




This blue FC 170 on the trailer belongs to Willard Brown he bought it this past winter. It has twenty-nine thousand miles on it; the same families have had it since 1975. Previously, it was a water truck at the fairgrounds in Celina, Ohio.


fc-170-2 fc-170-3

fc-backhoe 2019-sw-ohio-fc-gathering-parts4 2019-sw-ohio-fc-gathering-parts3 2019-sw-ohio-fc-gathering-parts2 2019-sw-ohio-fc-gathering-parts1


6 Comments on “The 2019 SouthWest Ohio FC Get-Together

  1. Roger martin

    You can’t blame Craig entirely for the long 60-mile ride. Aaron Pauldeng and I we’re navigating. We had Craig lost, but everybody was having fun so we just kept on going. I really appreciate and thank Craig for being a good sport and for giving us a long ride in the tour Jeep. Everybody had a lot of fun on the long ride.

  2. john deutschendorf ( denver )

    guess what ?? — I used to see those ” we drive you look ” fc’s in Ouray , Colorado , early 70’s — never took the tour but did see them parked in Ouray — even then I thought they were UNIQUE — never rode em , just camped up on molas pass and took some HIPPIE VITAMINS 4 YOUR MIND — hehehe — good old san juan mts !!! — I wanna move there — Silverton ? — -Durango ?? — JEEPIN CENTER OF THE WORLD !! —john Denvers one hit — ” rocky mt. high ” was just released when I was there — heard it on a juke box — in a diner — in Silverton — eating a ROCKY MT. TROUT OMELET !!

  3. David Eilers Post author

    John Denver only had one hit? Sir Deutschendorf, I think you haven’t taken your medication today ….

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Scott,

    Normally I would suggest you contact the FC Forward Forum, but that’s currently down. I don’t know any for sale offhand. However, they do sometimes pop up for sale on eBay.

    – Dave

  5. Roger Martin

    Sorry I took so long to get back to you today. Had a right knee replacement at 7:30 this morning. . I do not know of any for sale right now. They are expensive.. I’d like one myself, The 6th Annual Southwest Ohio Forward Control Jeep Gathering is scheduled for the last weekend in July. Hope you can come.with or without an FC.

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