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1978 Brian Chuchua Coloring book

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UPDATE: I originally wrote this post prior to the end of the auction, as I new I’d be busy all night. I should have known that someone would sweep in and snap this up for more than the $10 I was willing to pay. So, I actually missed out on this one.

I could imagine there are few, if any, left. I’ve considered doing a coloring book, but have no way to gauge the interest on something like that.

brian-chuchua-coloring-book3 brian-chuchua-coloring-book4 brian-chuchua-coloring-book5

brian-chuchua-coloring-book6 brian-chuchua-coloring-book7 brian-chuchua-coloring-book8 brian-chuchua-coloring-book9 brian-chuchua-coloring-book10


10 Comments on “1978 Brian Chuchua Coloring book

  1. Colin Peabody

    Kinda ironic, a coloring book requiring participants to stay within the lines, when Jeep fanatics have a real problem with staying within the lines!!! LOL!!!!!


    looks like a cj-6 on the cover ? — i’m pretty sure brian used to race ” 6’s ” — another famous ” 6 ” racer back in the day — ARCHER BROTHERS JEEP SUPPLY , hayward , calif , the JEEP MECCA OF THE WORLD !! — art and garner archer showed me what was left of their cj-6 racer , it was a frame broken in half , the long jeep couldn’t stand the strain of the MINT 400 — I think it was purple ? — they had a name for the cj-6 racer , cant remember what it was …

  3. Dennis Sletten

    Hi there.
    I have Brian Chuchua holy Toledo commando. My uncle Dick Dahn raced one of the US rally team jeeps how do I go about getting a coloring book thank you Dennis Sletten

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Dennis,

    That’s cool that you have his Commando!

    This book was on eBay, but I missed out on it last year. I have yet to see another copy appear on eBay. If I do see another copy appear on eBay, I will let you know.


    – Dave

  5. Michael

    I got this book mint conditin I’d let go for 75$ it’s from my grandpa Brian chuchua

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