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1973 CJ-5 Super Jeep Dartmouth, MA No Price


This one-owner rare CJ-5 Super Jeep is for sale.

“Original ONE Owner!! Own this limited edition piece of American History!! Bikini Top This fine Jeep comes complete with the original showroom brochure from 1973!! Excellent Condition.”







10 Comments on “1973 CJ-5 Super Jeep Dartmouth, MA No Price

  1. Mike

    I remember when this special edition first appeared in my area of NJ, each dealer had one on the showroom floor and sat there for a long time, not a big seller, reason they are seldom seen. Back in those days, early 70’s, the red, white & blue patriotic theme wasn’t popular.
    Another point to mention, the lack of “fancy wheels”, I didn’t see a factory offering until 1973 when the CJ5 was introduced. The earlier Renegade models had wider stock wheels, but that was it.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Dern: These tend to be highly desirable, but so few sell that a selling or value price is hard to determine.

    This one was for sale on eBay for $45,000 ( ) in May of 2019, but didn’t sell at that price. If I had one of these, I’d try to auction it at a Scottsdale auction. It might just fetch the $45k price there.

  3. king richard petty

    these super jeeps had the stock steel wheels for a reason , i think the reason was the mag rim supplier was out of rims , that’s what i remember ? one of these super jeeps saved me in the early 1970’s , i was driving a 63 buick skylark on clam beach , humboldt county , calif and i got stuck , the tide came in and the buick floated out to sea , then a 1973 super jeep with a warn winch came down the beach and i swam the cable out to the buick , then super jeep towed the buick back to the road , the buick was ruined , sold it for scrap , after i had to buy it from a friend of mine , IT WAS HIS CAR !! hahahahaha !!

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