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1965 CJ-6 Prescott, AZ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8000.

Appears to have a Koenig hardtop. It has the Gov plate which should document the jeep was in the Forest Service.

1965-cj6-prescott-az0 1965-cj6-prescott-az1 1965-cj6-prescott-az2 1965-cj6-prescott-az3 1965-cj6-prescott-az4

“65 JEEP CJ6 Forest Service Jeep $8500.
225Buick V6, Factory HARD TOP, Factory WINCH, Factory TOW BAR, Has all the original service records and receipts (records feb73 at 34,534 miles to jul03 172,756 miles). OD 174,019 Runs.
It’s a beauty, unrestored body ready for a nice paint job, wiring harness Brand New in box, all forward of radiator is new including aluminum radiator, hoses, water pump, heater hoses, heater. With original seats and custom seats, new window trim, has all the window glass, posi traction, locking hubs, spare tire.
Started personalizing until husband passed. Sold As Is.”


12 Comments on “1965 CJ-6 Prescott, AZ **SOLD**

  1. Mike

    There’s a lot to like about this historical, potential museum quality Jeep. Before I tow it home I’d remove the sissy seats (that’s good originals were saved), remove ugly aftermarket mirrors (again original saved), and wrong wheels (regular Kelsey Hayes wheels would give it tougher look).

  2. Andrew Ronnau

    The post here mentions the government plate.

    Can anyone help me understand what that better? The only plate I see is one screwed on to the dash, shown in one of the pictures. Is that the government plate.

    If that is the plate, I notice that it is screwed on, not riveted. Is that typical?. Also, the plate looks like it was inscribed using an etching tool. Is that typical?

    It is a 1965, but it has a Dauntless V6. Was that engine available, or did someone swap that in later?

    I would like to hear your thoughts.



  3. David Eilers Post author

    1) Many government entities marked their jeeps with special dash plates like the one pictured. Here’s a good example of one: and another from a CJ-5: … You’ll see other examples in this search string:

    2) I can’t recall any plates that were ever riveted, only screwed. This was the case at least through the 1960s.

    3) Yes, they were etched.

    4) The Dauntless V6 was available by 1965. The forest service could have ordered it with a V-6. Whether it was original to this jeep or not I couldn’t say for sure.

    I hope that helps.

    – Dave

  4. Mike

    Hi Andrew,
    Other Government clues on this Jeep that are found on government/military jeeps: Cutlas hubs. Jiffy Cab hard top. Door Strap bracket on left and right dash. Several cautious decals/stickers on windshield frame(government was very safety oriented). Switch labeling. Service records and manuals. I’ve been admiring these government/military Cj jeeps for a long time and most, like the military Cj3b (excluding M606), have Cutlas hubs and Jiffy Cab hard tops. If you ever run across a 1964 Cj3b it is likely former military with the cutlass hubs (By 64 while the public favored Cj5 the gov/mil still ordered budget Cj3b with budget top and hubs). I’d do a mild resto on this Cj6 to its former Service.

  5. David Eilers Post author


    Thanks for that info. I hadn’t put together that gov vehicles leaned towards the Cutlas hubs and Jiffy cabs (plus the other details). Good stuff!

    – Dave

  6. Andrew Ronnau

    I appreciate all the very helpful information.

    Looks like an interesting Jeep with a cool history.

    I hope to make a trip over there to see it this week.



  7. Andrew Ronnau

    I tried to get the serial number from the owner, to find out if it originally came with a Dauntless, or if one of the owners swapped that in.

    I have not received a VIN number I expect. The VIN shown on the Arizona title is simply the serial number shown on the government plate, 27847.

    The title says the date first registered is 05/65. The government plate indicates the date of manufacture is 04/65, which is consistent with the registration date.

    Given that date of manufacture, I do not think it originally came with a Dauntless, from things I have read.

    I would like the thoughts of all you experts.



  8. David Eilers Post author

    The serial number of 27847 is consistent with being produced in April of 1965. The full serial number is likely 57748 27847.

    Since Kaiser didn’t purchase the rights for the Buick V-6 until the Fall of 1965, it seems pretty safe to say that the V-6 wasn’t original to that jeep. Now, maybe the government could have special ordered it with the V-6? That I couldn’t say for sure. But, until you have more info, I’d say you should assume the engine was not original to it.


    forest service beat , same as my 67 ” 6 ” — government employees should be made to ride horses

  10. CLAM BEACH 4X4

    the gov didn’t favorite any brand jeep accessory — whoevers bid came in lowest was the supplier

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