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Chevy II 153 Asheville, NC $500


No pics, but this sounds like a good price if you want an upgrade over your existing engine. I’d put this in Biscuit if it weren’t so far away.

“Chevy II 153 4 cylinder from 1962/63(?). The motor has been built as a high performance engine…has a 4 bbl intake, dual point distributor, header and (I think) the big valve head. Runs great and had it in an old Jeepster but replaced it with a V6. Seem to be hard to find as a lot were scooped up and built for dirt track racing. Ran fine in the Jeepster with good oil pressure and no over heating (has new water pump).”


3 Comments on “Chevy II 153 Asheville, NC $500

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Dave, is that the main issue/problem with Lost Biscuit: engine?
    It’s been awhile since I remember an update :-).

  2. Allan J. Knepper

    Dave…..certainly a good price for that engine even without the mods. I have both ends of the spectrum in my shed……a 1940’s era rail frame Solar (made by Solar Aircraft in San Diego after WWII) dirt track midget race car that was updated in the 1960’s with a Chev II …..magneto…..dual Riley sidedraft carbs…… etc. Stored next to the midget are several Mercruiser versions of the Chev II that I acquired with the idea of a Willys transplant someday. They are a nice little engine. The original engine in my 1953 CJ3B was rebuilt very well right before I got it so I will be staying stock for now.

    What is currently in Biscuit for a motor now ??

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Allan (and Joe): Currently there’s a rebuilt Buick V6 mated to T-18. I like the Buick V6s for the most part (nice weight, nice power, good fit), but I’ve had problems with them running hot and with oil pressure. These are familiar problems with that engine. When I swapped out the Turbo 350 auto for the T-18 I had to change the location of the engine, which changed the location of the headers and also affected the steering rod from the column to the saginaw. But, when I get that the way I want it, the driveline is at too much of an angle.

    Frankly, I just haven’t been that interested in working around the problem of the Buick. I’d like something different, yet dependable to power Biscuit. The other day I found a ’66 Pontiac inline 6 that looks interesting (and I do have room to install it in the engine compartment), but do I really want to mess with another old engine??). But, if I could find a drop in engine like this one in Asheville, I’d consider it, too.

    I’ve also been really impressed with the Kubota engine that’s powering Bill’s CJ-5 dually (and several other jeeps). At this point, I’m kicking around ideas.

    But, I WILL be working on Biscuit soon (beginning of September).
    1) I want to rewire it. I had to rush the wiring last time and have never been happy with it.
    2) I have to figure out the engine/exhaust steering situation.
    3) I need to replace the seats with something more comfortable and wider for Ann.
    4) I need to add a heater at some point.
    5) I want to change the rear bumper and add a hitch receiver.

    My goal is to have it in running condition by February (but that will be engine dependent). I definitely want it ready for whatever Alaska OR Rust sequel event we do in one or two years.

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