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Monroe Fire Lane Plow and Pumper Unit Brochure

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UPDATE: Barry shared this image from April 1951 Popular Science article. Per the article, at a minimum, twenty-four of these truck packages were sold.



This early Monroe brochure advertises a plow (and pumper unit) specially designed for plowing fire lanes.




5 Comments on “Monroe Fire Lane Plow and Pumper Unit Brochure

  1. Tips Alot

    I think this is the only time the Willys truck is advertised using a Monroe hydraulic lift, I haven’t been able to find any.


    I have all the rear PTO stuff on my 1948 Model 4WD truck — but no bean planters — I do have the belt drive unit and a NOS rear PTO safety cover .

  3. Dan B.

    Hey Clam Beach 4×4,

    Could I come please see your Willys truck the next time I’m in Humboldt? I’d really appreciate it.


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