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1944 MB Body Bloomington, IN $1100

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, Parts

Includes the front clip.

“Tub, Fenders, Grill and Hood”



2 Comments on “1944 MB Body Bloomington, IN $1100

  1. peter45cj

    The axe sheath looks kind of like an inny instead of an outy. Maybe it’s the lighting? The price isn’t bad but you sure would want to have close look. With the axe and shovel indents missing it’s already had a bunch of work done to it.

  2. Doug in Ohio

    I agree Peter.and no fuel sump,rear panel has wrong bracing inside and front floors look to have had metal laid over top of original floor.just depends what your intended purpose for it is.looks like tool indent and whole side of body was covered with metal,there is a vertical seam ahead of shovel holder.I did a similar patch job to my GPW years ago.

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