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Bernd’s Bad Day at the Gas Pump

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Some days you wish you could do over. Bernd had one of those days recently. His goal was to transport a ride-on lawyer mower to the Austrian workshop to repair an oil leak.  After loading the lawnmower, he discovered his CJ-5 needed gas, so he drove to the local gas station and put in about a half tank, then proceeded on his way.

Soon, his jeep wasn’t quite running correctly. Remembering he still had his receipt from the gas station, he pulled it out only to discover that he filled up with diesel instead of standard gas.

So, Bernd sent the CJ-5 to a ‘spa’ for some cleaning and reinvigorating. We hope it recovers soon!

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8 Comments on “Bernd’s Bad Day at the Gas Pump

  1. Bill Shaw

    Did that to a diesel car, put a tank of gasoline in it. I was aware enough not to start it. Cleaned the tank nicely

  2. Dave from Mn

    Must be an optical thing Doesn’t look the bed would go forward enough to put Jeep over rear wheels very well.

  3. peter45cj

    Having only diesel pickups for the last 3 decades my biggest issue was to make sure I put gas In my Wife’s Suv. On more than one occasion i started to put diesel In her suv but stopped before any appreciable amount got pumped. So yeah Bernd has my sympathy. By the way thats a scary looking ramp for the lawnmower.

  4. Mike

    When working for a delivery service back in the 60’s, someone mistakenly fueled my step van with diesel. Old #12 was a GMC with the 235 straight 6 cylinder engine. Smoked like crazy, a trail of smoke for 3 miles but kept on running. Didn’t even need to drain the tank, just burned it off. But those were the OLD DAYS, times have changed.

  5. Justin

    I actually did this with my 47 2A. As Mike said, it smoked like crazy but I just filled the rest of the tank with more gas and cleared out mosquitoes until the diesel was burned off. No issues in the 10 years since.

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