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1953 CJ-3B Chester, MA $7400


This former Navy jeep has a gov dash plate.

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“I am selling a 1953 Jeep Willys CJ3b. Jeep is out of California until 2010 where it made its way to the northeast. Minimal rust, two spots the size of a 5 inch square on both floors by feet. Thats it.

The vehicle was undercoated many years ago, of which is peeling like crazy off the bottom of the tub and fenders. Literally comes off in sheets, by hand. Nice grey gloss paint underneath. That grey is the original grey and I think its called swan grey.

The motor was just gone through, including less than .002 taper on each cylinder, rods, pistons and main bearings are all standard and have never been over sized. Cylinders were honed and new standard rings were installed, only because the original rings had become brittle and I snap a few when removing.

It has a new Toyota Land Cruiser starter, AGM battery, plugs, electronic ignition distributor, wires, water pump, rebuilt carburator, 94 amp alternator, belt, radiator was boiled and checked for leaks and needed nothing. New hoses as well. New ignition switch and wiring, volt meter. Even the high beam indicator still works as do all the lights and dash light. Wipers are electric and function well. This Jeep was just inspected in July of this year. A complete Crown exhaust system was installed from manifold back as were new brake lines including the flew lines and clips.

It has 11 inch drums all the way around and really needs a double sink master cylinder, still running the single sink. When the motor was out a new clutch , pressure plate and throw out bearing were installed and the flywheel was replaced with a newer one with no missing teeth. Also comes with new seats, Tuffy center console. But does not come with the Midland GMRS radio or high lift or Gerry can or mount. It has 5 brand new BFG Mud Terrains tires , (KM3’s) 750/16’s. Motor and tires have less than 500 miles on them. No death wobble.

All fluids have been changed out. In the diffs and TC and tranny, NAPA mineral based gear oil was used. Running Shell Rotella 30 diesel in the engine. Has not burned a drop sense engine was put back in, not a drop. But the tranny and TC do leak, like they all do. The tranny is a T90 and Dana 18 TC. Both work well, but the tranny does come out of second when on a coast down hill. Common problem with them.. Both tranny and TC can be rebuilt with relative ease. Motor does not leak a drop. I also have the original rear seat for it, but no seat belts. The bikini top is going with it and I have a nice CJ3B windshield frame for it, just paid big money for that. So that is it. Not looking for low ball offers so please save them. If you want it cheaper, I can remove the brand new, never used Warn, M8000 winch and mount from up front. Otherwise it will come with it.

This is a great driving and running cj3b. You can test drive it as its registered and insured in Mass. with clean Mass. title and yes those are original miles. Came out of a Navy yard in Cali.”


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  1. peter45cj

    Hi Bob the seller noted that where the undercoating was coming off there is shiney grey paint showing. But to be clear i’m also not fond of undercoating, oil spray is far more effective if you feel the need to protect it.

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