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1942 GPW Madison, WI $5000


Powered by a VW Rabbit Diesel.

1942-gpw-madison-wi1 1942-gpw-madison-wi2 1942-gpw-madison-wi3 1942-gpw-madison-wi4

“This is the Ford version of the world war II jeep. Two companies made the same vehicle for the war effort. Willys and Ford. The original motor broke the crankshaft so I replaced it with a 1986 diesel vw rabbit motor. Has about the same hp and gets great mileage. The motor runs well but the transmission pops out of gear when slowing down. The synchro also does not work correctly. The trans could use a rebuild. Otherwise the brakes, tires, and lights including custom turn signals work fine. This vehicle was a 6 volt system but now its 12volt. Very fun to drive. Also included is a hard top with doors and windshield called an arctic cab. These cabs were used during the Korean war. I don’t have the original title but have it registered as a 65 willys.”


One comment on “1942 GPW Madison, WI $5000

  1. Race

    Interesting how a transverse mounted front drive engine is adapted to a (presumably) Willys transmission.

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