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1947 CJ-2A Rapid City, SD $11,450


Appears solid.

1947-cj2a-rc-sd1 1947-cj2a-rc-sd2 1947-cj2a-rc-sd3 1947-cj2a-rc-sd4

“This Willys classic “military style” Jeep is a “no Brainer.” It spent most of its life in Nevada and has NO RUST on either the frame or the body. Powered with the classic, 4 cyl. “Go Devil” gas engine running through the 3-spd transmission and 2-spd transfer case. Starts easy with 12v electronic ignition starter and runs as smooth as they come. So why am I selling it? I am too old, too heavy, too stiff and have bad knees and a bad lower back making enjoyment of this WWII era Army style Jeep nearly impossible. Time for a new owner.

Here is a list of the new components: engine overhaul w/720 miles, 3-spd transmission, 2-spd transfer case, overdrive, “dead man” switch under hood, 12v Battery, plug wires, carburetor, thermostat/t\radiator hoses, military multi-direction tires, (no spare), black naugahyde covered seats front and rear, ball/pintle combination hitch, driver’s side mirror, rear view mirror, dash gauges, shock absorbers, lights/turn signal lever, fan belt, dry-type air cleaner, wiring harness, muffler, tailgate chains, windshield base rubber, 4 hood latches, hood wood blocks and . . . well, I guess that is about it.

Unless you want to change the color, the only thing you will have to do is get in and drive it. Go hunting, go exploring, go fishing, go to town, haul firewood, go cross country or drive in a hometown parade or two.

These parts & accessories go with the sale: new Jeep heater in box, new red, 5 gallon “jerry can,” New tow bar and tow lighting kit in box, new OD Canvas driver seat & backrest in box, two lap belts (not installed), two rear grab handles (not installed), two electric windshield wipers (not installed)”


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