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Jeeps in the Detroit Salt Mines

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I saw a reference to jeeps in Detroit’s salt mines on Facebook. After a some research, I found a few more images. The salt is used exclusively as road de-icer.

detroit-salt-mines-truck detroit-salt-mines4 detroit-salt-mines3 detroit-salt-mines2



5 Comments on “Jeeps in the Detroit Salt Mines

  1. clem

    If I remember correctly, all machinery including vehicles that goes into the mine stays down there. Because of the salt environment it rusts really quick with exposer to fresh air. They have a lot of room for storage. and most things are taking apart to fit down the shaft and welded back together once inside. things don’t rust down there because of really low humidity. Sure hope I remembered that correctly ?

  2. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    I’ve never seen rear seats installed that way, didn’t think they would fit there. Interesting.
    What do you think of that rear step with the trailer hitch on it?

  3. peter45cj

    In a weird irony the salt is mined directly below the big auto makers making new vehicles to replace the great number of vehicles destroyed by road salt every year. Sweet. Now due to the success of the global economics no salt is mined and few vehicles are made there anymore. On a positive note I really enjoy these old pics of Jeeps working. Thanks Dave.

  4. Bill Norris


    My dad did a stint as a security guard at the mines and I remember him telling me that exact same thing about them not rusting.

    I had no idea they used Jeeps- very cool.


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