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The Story of The Legend

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Blaine shared Jeep’s take on the history of the jeep. Of course, the company continues to ignore the importance of Bantam and Ford’s role in the origination of the jeep. One of the odd decisions was to select a photo of a 5 lug DJ-3A as representative of the DJ-3A. The history does include a mention of the DJ-5s and CJ-6s, so that’s good to see.

Also, a blurb about the CJ-6 claims the running gear was heavier duty, but as far as I know, the CJ-6 used the Dana 27 and Dana 44. Am I correct on that?




7 Comments on “The Story of The Legend

  1. rdjeep

    Ahh corporate purity, never distract attention away from the home brand! Had a situation at a major corporate car show some years back, and similar outcome…. we’ll just ignore relevant history, because, well, we’re the corporation!!

  2. Chuck

    History is written by the victors.
    That was before the internet.
    Not to worry;
    Google is working on fixing it so the victors version of history is all you’ll know.

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