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The WWII Jeep’s Engineering Flaw

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David Tracy writes about the engineering flaw that makes the WWII jeep dangerous, taking a close look about how that happens. The article’s title (The Legendary World War II Jeep Had a Dangerous Engineering Flaw) seems a bit hyperbolic, but, as usual, his article is good.



2 Comments on “The WWII Jeep’s Engineering Flaw

  1. DouginOhio

    Thanks for sharing Dave!Now I understand how the torque reaction spring works.I guess a 16 year old should not have been driving such a dangerous vehicle around!

  2. Tim

    When I got my 43 GPW at 17 the torque reaction spring was cut off at the rear, probably with a torch. Had I known then what is was designed for I may have been more careful…maybe.

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