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Ventura Manufacturing’s Harrow Brochures

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These two two-page brochures from the Venture Manufacturing and Implement Company appeared in an early Willys-Overland Equipment Book. One advertises a “spiketooth” harrow, while the other advertises a “springtooth” harrow.

The Springtooth Harrow:


The Spiketooth Harrow:




One comment on “Ventura Manufacturing’s Harrow Brochures

  1. Charles Duryea

    I’ll bet that spring tooth pulled like a bugger…on a level field it would be a load. But on any kind of lumpy ground it would gouge in and make a diesel smoke and groan. I bet it makes the little willys wish it was somewhere else! My old neighbors used to try and plow with theirs, it would pull the 2 bottom…but ran hot. Charlie

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