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CFFC Fall Colors Tour (Sept 15-20)

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UPDATE: My bad. I believe that only members of that FB group can see the video. When I clicked on the link it opened just fine.

This year’s Fall Color Tour in Colorado (Sept 15-20) is currently ongoing. This past weekend Lew was provided the rare opportunity to test drive a Davis 3-wheeled prototype Jeep Car. Here are a few screen shots from the video.

2019-09-15-lew-davis-jeep-car1 2019-09-15-lew-davis-jeep-car2 2019-09-15-lew-davis-jeep-car3

Here are some other pics from the Fall Colors Tour thus far:

2019-fall-color-tour-6 2019-fall-color-tour-7 2019-fall-color-tour-8

2019-fall-color-tour-9 2019-fall-color-tour-10 2019-fall-color-tour-stelmos


4 Comments on “CFFC Fall Colors Tour (Sept 15-20)

  1. Ranger Bob in Colorado

    This fall tour is in my part of Colorado. It is always fun to see all the flat fender Jeeps. The Aspens are still mostly green so the participants will miss most of the color. Mike does a great job organizing tis tour.

  2. bob in nc

    I studied furniture making at USC in Pueblo a few years back. had to sell my 59 cj3b to get from NC to Colorado and back. they are beautiful mountains them parts for sure. ranger bob – have you driven in one of their events? I think Jamie from Houston drove up to join them a few years ago. that would surly be a nice trip to take, colors or not. good clean air, hot campfire. cold whiskey.

    dave – cant access their facebook page, video. please help.

  3. Allan J. Knepper

    Just read the info on the Davis prototype Jeep……was very interesting to see famous race car builder Frank Kurtis and race car driver and innovator Joel Thorne involved in early three wheeler projects.

  4. Tom Jones

    Bob I had the same problem with the Facebook link. Did someone pull the video perhaps?
    I even went to the guys page who made it and had no luck.

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