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Heavy Duty ‘Jeep’ 6 Brochure

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I snagged this rare Heavy Duty ‘Jeep’ 6 Engine and Power Unit off of eBay for a good price. I’ve never seen another of these. Given the Kaiser Willys Motors branding and the lack of a date/ad stamp, I’d say this was mid-1950s.

heavy-duty-jeep-6-power-unit1-lores heavy-duty-jeep-6-power-unit2-lores heavy-duty-jeep-6-power-unit3-lores



4 Comments on “Heavy Duty ‘Jeep’ 6 Brochure

  1. Mike

    Interesting, I didn’t know that the flathead 226 six cylinder was used in commercial industrial applications. I’ve seen many of the flathead four cylinder, but not the six. Being there is no date code on the brochure, I wonder if the market was limited for what ever reason. I don’t know, just always looking for answers to these Willys, nagging questions of life.

  2. Michael

    Something else to think about. This engine was based on he Continental “Red Seal” straight six. Kaiser was buying these from Continental until they built their own factory to make them under license. I’m pretty sure Continental was still making these up to the 1960’s for Checker Cabs, forklifts, tow tractors, etc. I just wonder how they could market this against and almost exact copy?

  3. peter45cj

    Hi Mike I was thinking that I can’t remember ever seeing any stationary or mobile equipment that used the six cylinder model. Maybe it was a flop.

  4. Dave from Mn

    I haven’t run across a Jeep industrial 6 in anything. But since that motor is actually a continental red seal 226 that was used a lot in industrial equipment it was sort of competing against itself.

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