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1952 M-38A1 Tulsa, OK $11,500

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Looks in good shape.

“Korean War Jeep, off the body restoration, 4cylinder Hurricane engine, 3 speed manual, 4 wheel drive, added locking hubs. Vehicle’s history = from the Marine Corp to US Air Force at Tinker, to the Civil Defense, to private ownership and found in a barn.”

1952-m38a1-tulsa-ok0 1952-m38a1-tulsa-ok1 1952-m38a1-tulsa-ok2 1952-m38a1-tulsa-ok3 1952-m38a1-tulsa-ok4


5 Comments on “1952 M-38A1 Tulsa, OK $11,500

  1. Carl

    I was almost sold to write the check until last phrase…”found in a barn”. That’s right up there with “only drove on Sunday to church” and “ran when parked” and “my check for this rig is in the mail”….etc. Please, seriously, with that how am I gonna believe any of this ad.

  2. Fred

    Seller, get real with that price tag. It’s a keeper- you need to keep it! Way too much over-spray(paint to sell). Too shiny on dash data plates(you’re proud and parade ready-nobody wants a parade ready). I’ll make you a one time good deal you can’t refuse. $1500.

  3. Mike

    Fred, you made a good point with the paint issue, and as for making him an offer he can’t refuse, that’s what we say in NJ, my favorite saying.

  4. Brent

    Lol. Overspray.

    Has anyone seen a real military paintjob before? Hell they repaint the wheels on the truck with tires on and no masking.

    My only issue would be, the green shouldnt overspray on the blue because the blue would have been done after the green.

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