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1961 FC-170 Cogan Station, PA $13,000

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: Price dropped to $13,000.

(04/29/2019) Looks ready to go.

“61 FC 170, custon box, new overdrive, rebuilt tranny and transfer, new hd clutch, ‘ 71 Fireball six power plant, recent but not new restore and paint. I have 15K in this vehicle and will accept offers but am also interested in trade for cj3b or 2a in similar condition. A very nice every day driveable eye popper. Not a show car but rather an every day driver as I have standard registration plates on her.”

1961-fc170-coganstation-pa1 1961-fc170-coganstation-pa2


7 Comments on “1961 FC-170 Cogan Station, PA $13,000

  1. Mike

    I like the box and fender treatment, looks cool and swift. I have never heard of a “Fireball” six, that is an engine out of what vehicle?

  2. rdjeep

    It was also applied to the some of the Buick V6s, with an air cleaner lid badge. Not sure if it was the 198 or 225, but I suspect the latter. I had one years ago when I converted from the oil bath air cleaner.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Interesting .. I’d never heard that (though I’m not exhaustive expert on the topic)


    hello , years ago I bought a 65 buick skylark , 4 door , 225 v-6 , twin turbine auto slushbox , I bought it just to get the 225 v-6 FIREBALL engine , it says FIREBALL right on top of the air cleaner , this FIREBALL also featured a Rochester 1 barrel mono-jet ? carburetor , I just spotted the air cleaner laying in my garage on top of a 49 jeepster , 327 corvette v-8 , camel back heads , turbo 350 slushbox , ford 9″ rear axle , I remember the buick was severely under-powered , not quite a FIREBALL out on HIGHWAY 101 …


    p.s , I forgot , when I libertated the FIREBALL v-6 from the 65 buick engine bay , I installed a correct optional completely rebuilt engine in its place , A BUICK 300 V-8 ROCHESTER 2 JET , it bolted right in , motor mounts the same , even the exhaust pipes matched up , the radiator was changed to the v-8 one , it all bolted together with no modifications , I took the WILDCAT 310 v-8 out of my totaled 1966 skylark 2 door , a drunk driver into the side of it , total wreck , the WILDCAT 310 engine name referred to the ENGINE TORQUE , not the cubic inches , my self made 1965 buick skylark v-8 was so fast , over 125 mph , that the calif highway patrol felt the need to beat me senseless one night after a 49er game , .19 alc reading , I felt like king Richard petty out on the oval track , odd noises coming from the chassis at that speed …

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