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1963 DJ-3A Bayview, CA $12,900

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(09/07/2019) This jeep is listed as a Surrey, but I see no evidence of it being a Surrey. Being this late of model, it should have the heater intake vent on the passenger side. But, it seems to lack that.

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“For sale 1963 Willys Jeep DJ3. Has been completely disassembled, cleaned, painted, rebuilt and restored in 2013. Everything is new top side and bottom side. The original 4 cylinder 2.2l engine, 3 speed manual transmission and rear end are still in the Jeep. It runs and drives great!! Plenty of power, smooth thru the gears and a blast to drive.

The windshield, tires, interior and paint are all brand new. The seats have been moved back to give more leg room. The suspension has been redone with all new leaf springs, rebuilt brakes and new tires on all four corners. Boss Bluetooth radio with three outdoor speakers. This Jeep is turnkey and needs nothing. Just get in, drive and enjoy!! The paint is smooth and straight with no dents, dings or rust. The interior is brand new with no wear marks.

The underside is finished just as nice as the top side. It looks like every item on the car has been rebuilt or replaced. Willys introduced the Jeep DJ3 (Dispatcher Jeep) and the Surrey model quickly gained popularity as a fun car at resorts in the US, Hawaii, Mexico, and islands in the Caribbean. They were finished in pink, green, or blue and trimmed with matching white striped fabric, as well as with fringe on its top. A Surrey top would be the crowning jewel on this 1963 Willys Jeep.”


8 Comments on “1963 DJ-3A Bayview, CA $12,900

  1. SteveK

    This is a beautiful DJ, but not a Surry, it has a tailgate and the 7 spring packs. For the thoroughness of the rebuild, IMO, the price is about right. I’m sure there is much more than that invested in it. I’ve admired this DJ’s pics as a motivator for mine since I found the pics probably right after it was finished. The outdoor pics are the same I have, so I wonder what current pics would show after 6 years? It’s an eye catcher for sure. Nice!

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Ray,

    Sorry for my ignorance, but I’m not familiar with 30A Willys Garage. I’d like to learn more about what that is. Feel free to email me directly at

    – Dave

  3. David Eilers Post author


    I think there are multiple reasons
    1) They are fairly rare, which folks find attractive
    2) The color schemes are unusual, which appeals to some folks
    3) Theye have a connection with Elvis
    4) They are even simpler to maintain than a standard jeep

    Those are my thoughts on the ‘why’.

  4. Colin Peabody

    This 1963 Jeep showed up on eWillys back in May, 2015 for about $4500. It was in Michigan, but the buyer brought it to the SF California area. I don’t think this was ever a Surrey, since it is missing many of the Surrey features and has a tailgate, which Surreys did not have. The serial number tag is riveted on, as opposed to being attached with 4 screws. It is a nice DJ3A, but not a Surrey.
    Surreys are unique, with their two tone paint schemes, striped material fabrics on the top, seats, side curtains and spare tire cover. Only about 1100 are supposed to have been built between late 1959 and the end of DJ3A production in late 1964. They were used in several movies and many tropical resorts had them to rent to their guests. Somewhere around 100 were part of a promotion by Pepsi Cola in early 1960. They are fun to drive, just like a DJ3A, economical and easy to drive in traffic.

  5. peter45cj

    Thanks all for explaining the Surrey popularity. I was trying to poke a little humor at the topic because I know there are serious fans of the Surrey model just like I’m serious about CJ2As. Anyway maybe I’ll figure out how to use emojis.

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