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1943? GPW Cascade, IA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1200.

Allan’s got this GPW survivor for sale. He recently bought it for the engine and is selling the rest. If the serial number is 9549, then it is an early 1943 GPW.

1943-gpw-cascade-ia1 1943-gpw-cascade-ia2 1943-gpw-cascade-ia3 1943-gpw-cascade-ia4

“This is a military GPW MB type Willys Jeep project. It previously had a Chevrolet V/8 engine swapped into it and I bought it to use the engine in another project.

The Willys still has the original glove box ID plate with the three tags on it. I have slightly brushed the center tag to reveal the following: GPW 95479…….2 4 30……2 5. I have rubbed a little chalk in the number to try to read and that is what I have come up with so far.

There is not engine in the Willys…….there is no transmission or transfer case…..there is no rear driveshaft…..the front and rear axles are intact…….there is a front driveshaft, but it is missing the rear yoke……the rear end has the proper full floating hubs.

With the body…..what you see is what you get……there is steel plating replacing most of the floor area……the rear tool boxes on each side are intact…….someone has cut the rear portion of the body in put in a homemade tailgate…..there is still a hydraulic oil storage tank and lines from a snow plow system that was on it……there is a crude roll cage……aftermarket wheels……Dodge ? van seats…….older vintage car windshield glass and frame installed with wooden mounting in original Willys frame.

I am not a Willys or Ford or Jeep or MB or GPW expert. My only Willys experience is my orginal 1953 Willys CJ3B which I continue to enjoy. Please ask any questions you may have or feel free to update any of my observations on this project.”


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