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1960s Commercial for American Oil

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Robin shared this great vintage ad that includes a jeep.


6 Comments on “1960s Commercial for American Oil

  1. Mike

    I remember this commercial from the mid 1960’s, even as a child, it caught my eye as a clever commercial. Just out of curiosity, that Willys Jeep looked so realistic, I wonder what type of material it was made of to be light weight. Back then, there wasn’t any computer imaging trick photography.

  2. Bob in nc

    You got a photographic memory. There wasn’t much to watch in the mid 60’s so at 10 years old I must have also seen this. But I don’t remember it.

  3. Terry

    For all you guys worrying about running lead free gas in your old car , notice AMOCO had it back then .

  4. peter45cj

    Hi Mike, now they would use a 3d printer and make a Jeep from some light composite material. Back then I sure don’t know.

  5. rdjeep

    I don’t recall the commercial, but I distinctly remember the pump profile. There was an American station just around the corner from home. And also nearby was an Esso station, an Atlantic and up the road was Sinclair. Rarely a Phillips 66 or Hess. I had a repro tiger tail on my interior mirror for quite a while.

  6. Mike

    rdjeep, I have a tiger tail from the 1960’s hanging on the dashboard of my CJ5. I’m amazed that it lasted that long. Back when things were made to last.

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