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Custom? Flatfender Windshield Tucson, AZ $100


This just might be a modified CJ-3B windshield that’s been modified upward to fit a CJ-3A. Chuck was telling me that he has seen these. If in fact that’s the case, it looks well done. If I were closer I’d get this for Biscuit.

“Willys Jeep windshield frame with glass. I believe it’s for a CJ3A or a CJ3A, not sure because it doesn’t have the vent below the glass.”



One comment on “Custom? Flatfender Windshield Tucson, AZ $100

  1. Chuck

    Yeah, I built one of these as a teen. It could even be the same one; it’s the right color. They’re pretty cool unless you’re driving into the sun.

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