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VIDEO: Ford Reconnissance Cars Join The Army

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I’ve posted something similar to this video, but not this specific one (at least that I can find). This early 1941 film reel is narrated and shares the news that Ford’s Reconnissance Cars would be joining the Army. The video is located at the National Archives.


4 Comments on “VIDEO: Ford Reconnissance Cars Join The Army

  1. SteveK

    Interesting that the test cars had canvas half doors and used chains on the tires. 45HP Ford tractor engine with speeds of 55-60MPH stated seems a stretch. Lots of “bounce” in the ride for Mr Edsel in the back. The swivel headlight idea was a very practical addition. Overall pretty effective for intended use.

  2. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    I believe the government’s requirement for a 4 cylinder engine forced Ford to use a tractor engine because that’s all they had. Willys ultimately was awarded the jeep contract because they had the better “go devil” engine.

  3. Terry

    The FORD tractor engine was half of their famous V8 , if they really wanted more HP I think they could have done it .

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