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Year? CJ-3A? Kimberly, ID $700


UPDATE: The consensus is that this is likely a 3A.

This has a governor cable.

“Selling all late 40’s to early 50’s Willy’s Jeep CJ3A parts we have on hand. 1949 Jeep Willy’s parts jeep (no title no motor) Radiator Gas Tank 1- Solex carburetor 1- Carter YF carburetor (4 cyl) 2- seats 6- 15″ Jeep rims (vintage) Transfer case Heater Lots of miscellaneous odds and ends $700 for everything”

year-cj2a-kimberly-id1 year-cj2a-kimberly-id2 year-cj2a-kimberly-id4


4 Comments on “Year? CJ-3A? Kimberly, ID $700

  1. Dave from Mn

    The front of the wheel house ,where the drivers seat buts up to would indicate 3a I believe. Different length of slope.

  2. Ted

    Its definitely, no doubt, no question that it’s a Cj3a. Ignition switch local. I’m betting factory windshield frame and factory Harrison heater. And as noted shorter wheel house.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Sounds good to me. I’ve updated the post.

    I figured that was a factory heater, but the switch was normally placed under the dash. It seemed like the switch is sitting where a 2A starter hole would normally be, which was another things that was making me take a second look.

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