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Farm Jeep Photos

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These photos shows a VEC CJ-2A with different implements. Note the passenger rear quarter panel damage. Perhaps that should have been a sign that perhaps the jeep wasn’t cut out for farming? (though I’m assuming the damage happened while farming).

Can anybody provided more info on the implements below? I couldn’t identify them.

1. This has a dual setup similar to the Love Tandem Disc Harrow, but with the spike tooth harrows rather than discs.




2. This appears to be a Newgren Company Field and Pasture Cultivator:

Scan10011-farming-lores3. A Disc Harrow by whom? The Love Company would be my first guess.
Scan10013-farming-lores Scan10014-farming-lores

4. Single Bottom Plow? By whom?

Scan10009-farming-lores Scan10006-farming-lores Scan10007-farming-lores


3 Comments on “Farm Jeep Photos

  1. Barry

    I have a copy of one of the pictures with a plow that I purchased off of eBay years ago. It was sold as a Love factory photo. It is a Love lift and I believe these are all implements that Love made and sold in the late 1940s and early 1950s


  2. clem

    The damage to the right rear fender. To me looks like the spare tire caught something at speed, notice the curved dent and the four bolt holes, look like they are pulled out.

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