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Newgren Bottom 12-Inch Moldboard Plow

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Here’s another hard-to-find farming brochure produced by the Newgren Company.

3-Newgren-bottom-12-in-moldboard-plow-front-lores 3.1-Newgren-bottom-12-in-moldboard-plow-back-lores


One comment on “Newgren Bottom 12-Inch Moldboard Plow


    My neighbors had a CJ after the war and they hooked it up to a 2 bottom pull type plow…to see if it would pull it. Our soils are heavy with clay, but they said the little Jeep handled it okay, the only problem was overheating. There probably wasn’t enough air moving through the radiator. Those old timers always tested things out…and compared new stuff to their teams of horses.

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