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Ken Hechler: The Man in the Red Jeep

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Longtime public servant and former WWII veteran Ken Hechler served President Harry S. Truman, held the position as West Virginia’s Secretary of State, and represented West Virginia in Congress for several terms. Early in his Secretary of State run he began using a red CJ-5 as his office. Over the years he went through 6 jeeps.

Over the years Ken wrote multiple books. His earliest was Bridge at Remagen: A Story of World War II. He went on to write additional books, articles and other works. Eventually, Carter Taylor Seaton wrote a book about him called The Rebel in the Red Jeep: Ken Hechler’s Life in West Virginia Politics. Here are a few pics:





6 Comments on “Ken Hechler: The Man in the Red Jeep

  1. Barney Goodwin

    Picture 2, looks like Ken had the same problem everyone had with Whitco or K-Line tops with snaps. Temp drops a few degrees below 90 and you can’t snap it secure. Those were the days! lol.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    A couple West Virginia article authors have called Bernie Sanders the Ken Hechler of his day. So they had more than looks in common.

  3. Rick

    Dave, thanks for the link to Mr Hechler’s WWII book. My Father in Law was a member of the engineer group that took the bridge. I ordered the book, and wish he were still around to share it.

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