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Year? DJ-3A Yucaipa, CA **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was $4000.

(07/06/2019) It’s listed as a 1945, but that’s a DJ-3A body.

“Frame off restoration, 500 miles on marine V-6 engine, 600 CFM carb, new clutch, brakes, tires & seats with 4-point harness, Pantera exhaust, new aluminum radiator, 1988 rear-ends, custom rear storage, roll bar, off-road lights, lighted whip, car cover”



3 Comments on “Year? DJ-3A Yucaipa, CA **Status Unknown**

  1. Colin Peabody

    Suspect with the vin of 10972, which would correspond with an early 1956 and the speedometer that goes to 8, it is closer to a 1956 than a 1945.

  2. Terry

    Are you kidding ? Don’t drive in the rain , dirt or mud ,the alternator is sticking out into the fender !

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