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1944 GPW Dallas, TX $1500


Includes a CJ-2A parts jeep.

“This Jeep is a little rough but has lots of parts most other WWII Jeeps are missing. It’s odd it retains many parts that were taken off but it appears to been treated ruff by the metal work – like the floor.
The front wheels are the rare two piece which I have rarely seen and maybe the dual rear wheel option they had offered.
Motor is not the best but I will include another mostly complete early green CJ-2 that should have a good motor – it turns over – oil looks good – and has anti-freeze in the radiator.
Not wanting to send a lot of pictures – best come and look at it and the parts Jeep.”

1944-gpw-dallas-tex0 1944-gpw-dallas-tex2 1944-gpw-dallas-tex3 1944-gpw-dallas-tex4

Part’s jeep: 1944-gpw-dallas-tex1


3 Comments on “1944 GPW Dallas, TX $1500

  1. ted krawczak

    sprzedawca podaje rok budowy GPW jako1944,
    oglądając dokładnie wannę ,zauważyłem na foto Nr 8,9,12, pionowe przetłoczenie pomiędzy
    skrzynką na narzędzia a pozostałym błotnikiem, tego typu przetłoczenia występowały
    moim zdaniem we wczesnych wannach GPW.Miałem GPW 1943 i tego typu przetłoczeń nie było. Na foto 3 i 14 zauważyłem pełne “zapinki” do usztywnienia ramy okiennej,w moim GPW 43 były zapinki wytłaczane, chłodnica jest sygnowana znakiem F i dodatkowo przetłoczeniem GPW, w moim GPW 43 była tylko sygnatura F, gdyby odczytać numery na schowku na rękawiczki i porównać z numerem ramy,to może się okazać ,ze jest to o dwa lata starsze GPW, proszę znawców o opinię ,bo moja wiedza
    w tym temacie jest ułomna
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie ted krawczak

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Ted wrote this in Polish. Here’s a Google translation:

    “The seller states the year of construction of the WSE as 1944. Looking carefully at the tub, I noticed on photos of the ad, Numbers 8,9,12, a vertical crease between tool box and remaining fender, this type of embossing occurred, in my opinion, in the early tubs of the WSE.

    I had a WSE 1943 and there were no such embossments. On photos 3 and 14 I noticed full “clips” to stiffen the window frame, in my WSE 43 there were extruded clips. The radiator is marked with the F mark and additionally with the GPW embossing; on my GPW 43 there was only the F signature.

    If you read the numbers on the glove compartment and compare with the frame number, it may turn out that it is two years older GPW, I ask experts for opinion, because my knowledge on this topic is incomplete.

    Best wishes, ted tailor

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for the comment Ted. Hopefully, someone with a little more intimate knowledge of the GPW can offer some insights.

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