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First Issue of the KW Booster Newspaper

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This December 1954 Volume I, Issue I was the first issue of the ‘new’ KW Booster News, a monthly newspaper designed to inform employees. Updates would include the newest announcements, company updates, employee updates (such as the new profit sharing model), and  intra-company events (such as intramural bowling teams). This first issue introduces the brand new CJ-5, among other announcements.

I’m not sure how many issues of the KW Booster were published. The only other issue of this newspaper on eWillys is the June 1958, Vol. 2, No. 1.


1954-12-kw-booster-page2-650px 1954-12-kw-booster-page3-650px  1954-12-kw-booster-page4-650px



4 Comments on “First Issue of the KW Booster Newspaper

  1. Dan B.

    Awesome. Would love to see an article on the Traveller… but that probably wouldn’t be until 1959ish.

  2. Blaine

    Looking at the caption for the top right picture on page 3, I couldn’t help thinking that ‘Henry J’ had a nice ring to it for the name of a car but what about an ‘Edgar F’?

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Blaine: “Edgar F” is a hard NO in my book.

    Dan: Here’s hoping I can find such an article!

  4. Mike

    Interesting reading this newspaper, A “Back to the Future” look at what was happening at Kaiser Willys. When this was published in December 1954, I was already a big Willys Jeep fan at 5 years old, bugging my dad to buy a jeep.

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