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NOS Sure Start Engine Heater


This will fit a variety of engines, including f-heads and l-heads (based on the instructions).

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headbolt-heater-02 headbolt-heater-01
“NOS New SURE START Engine HEAD BOLT HEATER 110V Willys Jeep Hurricane GMC Case

NOTES/Particulars/Please read all:* This is a Vintage NOS (New Old Stock) Sure Start HEADBOLT HEATER. These were quite popular back in the day for older engines, for ease of start in cold weather. Your grandpa knew what he was doing, and these heaters work quite well when installed correctly. THIS HEAD BOLT HEATER IS FOR VINTAGE ENGINES USING 7/16-14 Head bolts. That is the head bolt shank is 7/16″ (.437”) in diameter X 14 THREADS PER INCH ONLY. ENGINE APPLICATION IS ON PHOTO #3. ALSO the instructions show what headbolt location to use with your engine.

Service note: This headbolt heater HAS BEEN bench TESTED, and YES IT FUNCTIONS. HOWEVER IT MUST BE IMMERSED IN FLUID OR IT WILL BURN ITSELF OUT IN A SHORT TIME. Also, a competent mechanic must install this. This heater replaces a head bolt. Remove the appropriate head bolt, USE SEALER ON THREADS and install heater unit. (In other words, the headbolt on your engine must go into a coolant water jacket. Will not work on a blind headbolt hole) Then adjust top collar to correct divots, then back off jam nut to apply pressure to head like the headbolt would normally do. Most application(s) do not need drilling. If you do not understand this procedure or are in doubt of your abilities, please do not attempt installation. Refill with coolant. It is best to run this with a heavy duty 110V timer. Although you can leave on for overnight, typically an hour or two is all that’s needed, thus the heaters life is drastically extended. Correctly installed, this is reliable and works well. Thank you

SEE PHOTO #3 for application(s). Works well on Willys Hurricane engine, ‘1953-thru ’63 and some even earlier engines. As well as many other vintage applications that use 7/16″ x 14 threads.

headbolt-heater-0 headbolt-heater-1 headbolt-heater-2 headbolt-heater-3 headbolt-heater-4 headbolt-heater-5


5 Comments on “NOS Sure Start Engine Heater

  1. Blaine

    What do you mean by “Northern”? I know that NW Montana where my sister lives uses them or the truck/car may not start. I’m currently working on a 2009 Ram with a factory installed block heater.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Block heaters aren’t uncommon (necessary at times in Wisconsin when I lived there), but I’ve never seen one of these installed on a jeep (or perhaps didn’t recognize it if it was installed).

  3. Allan J. Knepper

    I picked up a complete 1946 ? engine at an estate sale several weeks ago in Iowa and it has a nice vintage head bolt heater still installed in it. Iowa and Wisconsin winters required all sorts of heaters…..head bolt……freeze plug heaters (remove freeze plug in side of block and install heating element into water jacket)…….tank heaters using heater hose types hook ups to engine and mounted on a fender well……….or if all else failed…….large pan or cookie sheet under engine oil pan with a charcoal briquets !!

  4. peter45cj

    Well I like the way this block heater installs on engine I would think it won’t be much value as a head bolt to torquing head down. Living north of great lakes I have seen many clever devices for keeping engine warmer in winter.

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