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1949? CJ-2A Molalla, OR $9000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $9000

(10/15/2017) “all rebuilt, ready to go sand or street or show what ever you wish, the power plant is a chevy 2 four cyl. 300 hp. muncie 4 speed warren overdrive, 538 gears .let me show you some picturs.”

1949-cj2a-molalla1 1949-cj2a-molalla2 1949-cj2a-molalla3 1949-cj2a-molalla5 1949-cj2a-molalla6


4 Comments on “1949? CJ-2A Molalla, OR $9000

  1. Chuck

    A four cylinder putting out 300 hp makes me wonder how horsepower is being measured nowadays. It used to be at the rear wheels. But I’m hearing it is now measured at the crank. I also wonder what RPMs a naturally aspirated 4 cylinder needs to be turning to produce 300 hp.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Just the intake manifold design alone suggests that thought and money was put into this engine, but I agree that some solid evidence is needed to verify the HP claim in this case. I imagine the seller is approximating the 300hp (probably rounding up).

    That said, during the 1980s there was A LOT of backyard testing and custom work being done to Pontiac, Ford, and GM 4cyl engines in the PNW4WDA racing circuit, with the Chevy II being a popular engine to modify. Some folks were more successful than others, but ideas were being exchanged through out the association.

    The Canadian-based Rapid Transit, one of the fastest drag jeeps I personally ever saw race (also had a very unique sound), raced in the unlimited bracket and was powered by a Pontiac 4cyl.

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