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Crankshaft PTO Pulley Questions

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Richard’s got a crankshaft pulley. He’s going to be selling it, but in trying to determine a fair price, there are a couple questions we could not answer. So, we are hoping someone can educate us.

  1. Was this pulley used for the crankshaft-driven Ramsey 101 Winch and/or for Capstan winches?
  2. Any other equipment use this?
  3. Any idea on what folks are paying for these?

crankshaft-pulley-pto1 crankshaft-pulley-pto2

Capstan winch example:crankshaft-pulley-pto3 crankshaft-pulley-pto4

Ramsey Example:


8 Comments on “Crankshaft PTO Pulley Questions

  1. david sapp

    I have two of these, both off of park service jeeps, f head and Ramsey winch. I would guess they would also be used on pumps for fire jeeps.

  2. Ted Jordan

    That one is for the Ramsey crank shaft driven winch , I believe it’s a C7 model. I had one posted on Dave’s site quite awhile back and it looks real close to what I had. They were common on the dispatchers etc

  3. David Eilers Post author

    David: That’s interesting that they were on Park Service jeeps. I wonder why. What models of jeeps? Good idea regarding the fire jeeps. I’ll see if I can find something about that.

    Ted: When you say Dispatchers, do you mean DJ-3As and DJ-5s? Or am I misunderstanding it?

  4. Ted Jordan

    Looks like they were CJ5-6 2-3As dispatchers and all universal Jeeps. If you search Ramsey C7 it takes you back to a nice brochure on these and listing of the one I had but no longer there as I was from EBay. I think it may have been listed somewhere else your site other than EBay but I couldn’t find pics. Neat little capstan for sure

  5. david sapp

    park service cj5, soft half cabs, pto winch with in cab control, HD springs and 5:38 gears. very cool jeeps.

  6. David Eilers Post author

    Brian, you can try contacting Richard at his business: Washougal Classic Jeep (360) 837-3100 … maybe he still has the pulley or knows of another.

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