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1942 GPW/CJ-3A Electric Auburn, CA $8500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(10/17/2019) This is an electric powered jeep that’s listed as a 1942 GPW. It’s actually on a 3A chassis. The tub has MB tool lids, but it has the other hallmarks of a GPW body (square indentation for the tool box lock button and the GPW rear seat setup).






“This jeep is a real original 1942 gpw ford military tub hood and fenders On real original civilian cj3a frame and running gear.

I just regd it. It is fully street legal but just like the original its not a freeway veh.

It has a brand new ELECTRIC Motor.
And brand new duracel batterys.

The motor puts out 77hs power.
The Orig motor only had 60hs power.

It Runs great. It’ll do about 35 And it doesnt like hills but It can be tweaked to do higher rpms or have higher torque. I just started messing with that but im slow at it because of a condition with my hands. I will change this paragraph when i have it dialed in right.

It Wheels good and does great on flat ground. I have a wheelin test hill here i can show u on. extreme hills use lower gears and it does good . It’ll do it but u have to Know your gears to get the most out of it. It takes a little getting used to.

It is really awesome

For full price offers i have a charger that goes with it.

Unlike other ev jeeps like this (there are of course only a couple out there) this one has all batterys under the hood. Most others have the batterys in the cargo area.

It has a water cooled (new tech model) ev engine and kelly controller. Its 96v. Has 8 deep cycle 8 drive batterys. 1 extra battery is for water pump air fan and lights.

Ive got about 5k in motor and batterys alone.

Has orig military look but new green (od green 2 lol) energy technology. “


3 Comments on “1942 GPW/CJ-3A Electric Auburn, CA $8500

  1. peter45cj

    I really admire people like this Jeep owner who are doing the experimental work for the rest of us . Looks like a tidy install and as he stated it just needs some tweaking. Anybody who doubts the inherent power & torque of electric motors needs only to look at cordless tools and Volkswagon’s Pikes Peak climb as examples.

  2. Rich

    I am thee owner . I tweaked the settings and it now does 48mph. And wheels like the original jeep. It has pep more than original. It is truly awesome.
    I have video if anyone wanta to see it.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Rich,

    I’d be happy to add the video to the post (of you can just paste a link into the comments). Looks like a fun project. I hope it finds a good home! I can be emailed at d @ (not space around @).

    – Dave

    – Dave

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