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1944 MB Plymouth, IN **SOLD**


UPDATE: Price dropped to $19,200.

This jeep was on the cover of the Kaiser Willys catalog in 2016.

“This Is the Genuine article and a true world war two Jeep. This jeep was on the cover of the 2016 kaiser Willys Jeep parts magazine. This World War II jeep is a four-cylinder, three speed, four-wheel-drive, 6 V all-around fun driving machine. This piece of history starts right up and can run all day long. Call if you are truly interested in this jeep. Tire kickers need not bother. This was a military vehicle so there is no carefax report. So bring your trailer and take home a World War II legend…A Willy’s Jeep.”

1944-mb-in0 1944-mb-in1 1944-mb-in2 1944-mb-in3 1944-mb-in4

Kaiser Willys used the jeep’s image in multiple places during 2016. Here’s one example:



6 Comments on “1944 MB Plymouth, IN **SOLD**

  1. David Eilers Post author


    The MBs, GPWs and M-38s did not have the drain holes on the side near the step like the 2As, 3As, 3Bs, and DJ-3As.

    That said, MBs and GPWs did have drain holes in the floor, along with brass plugs. You can imagine it might not be easy to locate and remove a brass plug once the floor of an MB was full of dirt/mud/water:

    For the M-38 and M-38A1, new drain holes were introduced. The drain holes had a cover on the floor that rotated. Here’s a replacement pan that has them on the right and left side
    For an M-38:

    For an M-38A1:

    The rotating cover:

    – Dave

  2. Chuck Perkins

    I’m impressed. Not with the drain holes but that you have a PhD in Drainholalogy! Lol.
    Actually that was pretty interesting, thanks for the links; I learned a lot.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    It was a good question and I think this topic is worthy of a post. I will have to see what the prototypes did for drainage.

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