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1944 MB Traverse City, MI $34,900


This surrey-like mb is painted pink as a tribute to the builder’s wife’s victory over breast cancer. Though labeled a 1942, it’s actually a 1944.

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“Many of us know the history and some more than others, however this vehicle is special as it was built by a husband for his wife after she battled breast cancer and won. He had a highly detailed restoration on this Jeep completed. One thing to note is that it says “1942 Willys” on the side of the hood, however it is actually a 1944. This was a slight mistake done at time of restoration.

This particular Willys is in fantastic condition both physically and mechanically. This Jeep has been driven and it starts, shifts, brakes and goes down the road as you would imagine with all the lights in working order as well. This would be a great piece to add to your collection of eclectic autos, use in parades or do a repaint back to original as there would be no metal work to complete. This is a turn key Willys that is looking for a new home.”


9 Comments on “1944 MB Traverse City, MI $34,900

  1. Don

    This actually looks like a very early slatgrill Willys, minus the slat grill, and possibly a 1941 model. Clues are square fuel sump,no glove box, WILLYS script on back and the very rare low windshield.

  2. Doug in Ohio

    Good catch Don,I did not look that close.I guess the story behind the color distracted me.This MB may be worth the asking price if it is a real slat.

  3. Mike

    Confusion is the key word here, regardless of the model year, I for one (I seem to be in the minority) can’t see paying anywhere close to 34 grand.

  4. Barney Goodwin

    I think this is an incredible piece. So well done regardless of the platform. And that this man would so honor his wife. I’m pleased to report this couple is still with us.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Just don’t let Ann see this … if she went through cancer, she might want me to restore a pink A-10 Warthog as a tribute!!

  6. peter45cj

    Don would the early tub have a number punched into the toe gusset like later tubs? I noticed the same details but am not expert on this topic concerning Slat Grills. By the way how many slat grills were produced?

  7. Don

    Around 25,580 slatgrill Jeeps were made with various changes during its production. The very early low windshield was used on about the first 3500 slatgrills. Yes the toe gusset should have a body production number stamped into it which would narrow down the serial number a bit. The stated serial number may be a state issued number.

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