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2013 Book La jeep dans l’armée française Tome 1

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UPDATE: I received my copy of this book. Published in French, the book is full of French-specific photos (over two hundred). Most are from WWII, but some are from later years other areas around the world. Besides jeeps, photos of GPAs during the war years appear and, from later years photos, a few military CJ-3As along with a five-star Jeepster.

The author also explores the inscriptions/markings of French WWII jeeps in-depth, but lacking any background in that information, I can’t say how accurate (or not) the information is.

On the downside, the book promotes the phrase “General Purpose” and “Government purpose” as the words behind “GP” in GPW. The book also only recognizes some prototypes, but not others in it’s brief chart of production numbers (pg 16). 

This book is written by Paul Gaujac. It’s a 144 page book that you can purchase on Amazon (I’m sure it is available elsewhere, too).




2 Comments on “2013 Book La jeep dans l’armée française Tome 1

  1. Barney Goodwin

    I remember around 1978 when France was part of a UN peace keeping force sent to Lebanon and watching an “MB” drive off a plane with a General standing in it. I thought, “How nice. they use a ceremonial WW2 Jeep to lead their arrival”. Shortly after, while visiting my neighbor, the late Dave Uhrig, at Army Jeep Parts in Chillicothe OH., I mentioned this to him. He walked me over to a WW2 Jeep in the show room. It had French data plates dated 1963. He proceeded to teach me the history and differences to look for. WOF was branded on several visible parts for Willys Overland France, licensed by WO after WW2. The later name for the vehicle was the Hotchkiss M201. It’s amazing the international legacy of Jeep through licensing in various countries. France was at the very beginning with over 20K battlefield wrecks given to it by the U.S. Army.

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