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Bestop Tigertop Deal on Amazon **Sold Out**

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UPDATE: Looks like this deal is not longer valid.

Jon shared the news the Amazon is currently offering a CJ-3A Bestop Tigertop for only $609.88. It’s part of their “Warehouse deals” program. He bought one of the tops and he says it fit his jeep perfectly.



8 Comments on “Bestop Tigertop Deal on Amazon **Sold Out**

  1. Mike P

    Thanks for the heads up Dave!

    It was listed on Amazon as “Used – Like New” so I ordered it. I’ll repost once I receive it and try it on my 1949 CJ3A.

    Mike P.

  2. Chuck

    Rats! That didn’t last long –
    “Currently unavailable.”
    “We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.”

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Wow, that was quick! I’m glad I posted it as soon as I received the link. Sorry that didn’t work for you Chuck, but glad it worked for you Mike (so far)!

    – Dave

  4. Barney Goodwin

    Looks like the Seller was Bestop itself. Probably a clearance, return item or seconds. Still, a good deal Mike. We’ve had to return tops to them because they just throw stuff into the box and the windows get scuffed.

  5. Mike P

    Received the top today. The cardboard shipping box was mangled but the contents look (and smell) brand new. No scuffs on the windows either and the protective paper was next to all the windows. The bows were taped up, hardware bags unopened and red plastic door hinge proctectors still in place. From the appearance, the top was never removed from the box nor unfolded. Looks like a keeper! Thanks again for the posting! Hmmm, now I need a warm garage…

  6. Chuck

    Mike P;
    Good for you! Btw, I have a warm garage and a Jeep you can put your new top on. I can professionally break the new top in for you, save you the pain of putting the first scratch on the windows and have the top ready for you by the end of winter/beginning of spring. I happen to be in a generous mood and won’t even charge you. However; this is a limited time offer good only through the winter.

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