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Nearly Identical Catalogs?

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As part of the collection of brochures/booklets I received yesterday from my eBay win, I also received three jeep parts catalogs: a 1963 Montgomery Ward, a 1964 Sears, and a 1966-1967 Bergs catalog. I was surprised to discover that the Sears and Berg catalogs are nearly identical. Maury confirmed that his 1968 Sears catalog is also nearly identical. So, if you are bidding/buying late 1960s jeep parts catalogs, I felt folks should be aware of this. Below are some comparison pages.

The covers are customized.


Sears is shown on the top and Bergs on the bottom. The inner cover and first page (labeled page 3) are custom:

Interior pages 4-5 begin the identical part of the catalogs:


Interior pages 18-19:bergs-sears-comparison-pages-18-19

Interior pages 40-41:


Interior pages 64-65:bergs-sears-comparison-pages-64-65

Interior pages 66-67:bergs-sears-comparison-pages-66-67

The rear covers are customized. though the indexes are identical.bergs-sears-comparison-rear-covers






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