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Warn 800G Gasoline & 400E Electric Winch Brochure

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Maury spotted a collection of brochures and parts booklets on eBay that I was lucky enough to win. One of the brochures describes the portable, gasoline-powered Model 800G Warn Winch. On the other side of the brochure is an Electric Marine Model 400E Winch. A post from 2017 about the 800G includes pics of it.

The Model 800G Gasoline Warn winch:

According to Warn Industries, the Model 800G ad below is from 1969. 
Between February 1970 and April 1970, Warn also included the winch in a Four Wheeler inner-cover, full-page advertisement. Given the importance of the company’s hubs and vehicle winches to Warn’s profit margins, I’m surprised the company included the 800G in this full color ad. Perhaps management had high hopes for the product? Whatever the hopes, I can find no evidence that Warn advertised the 800G ever again after April 1970.


Real-world example from the Warn website, There are also pics on Warn’s Facebook Fan page.

warn-gasoline-portable winch-800G-6

The Warn Marine Model 400E Electric Winch: 

This brochure appears on the back of the 800G brochure. I could find no other information about it online.



6 Comments on “Warn 800G Gasoline & 400E Electric Winch Brochure

  1. Mike

    I’m puzzled here, Gasoline powered winch rated to lift 800 lbs, OK so far I understand. Pulling 800 lbs. with a portable winch such as this, how could you anchor it so it wouldn’t topple over pulling weight?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Mike: I wondered that myself … I suppose most consumers wondered that, too, hence the reason the product appears to have disappeared quickly.

  3. clem

    In the description above, it says it works in any position. Just have to anchor with the suppled chain. I like the idea of having it as a capstan winch, this way your rope length is unlimited. They still make something similar only powered by your cordless drill.

  4. Morgan

    The provided chain is to be secured around a tree or any object that won’t move when it’s pulling your stuck jeep out of trouble. The included website makes it pretty clear.

  5. Bob

    yup, the one I saw had a large heavy lug you could chain it down to something. Probably electric winches took their place as being much more handy. Most McCulloch products I ever had were difficult to start and keep running!

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